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National Rep. Dr. Andrius Bernotas (Mr)
Postal Address Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy
A.Gostauto 12
2600 Vilnius
Telephone +370-5-2125361
Fax +370-5-2125361
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Overview of AMPD-related research

The main research activities in atomic and molecular physics in Lithuania are concentrated at the same institute (Department of the Theory of an Atom and Department of Processes and Structures), and there are several small groups at universities. The trends are theoretical methods for structure and spectra of complex atoms and ions, and modeling the processes of their interaction with radiation. For the molecules, the theoretical investigations also dominate, including the reactivity of molecules and modeling of molecular devices. The school of atomic and molecular physics in Lithuania has been established by Professor A. Jucys (A. Yutsis), a disciple of D. Hartree and V. Fock.

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