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National Rep.Prof. Dr. R. Morgenstern and Dr. ir. R. Hoekstra
(secretary of the AMO section of the Dutch Physical Society NNV)
Postal AddressKVI, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Zernikelaan 25
9747 AA Groningen
Web-site URL   or  AMO section of Dutch Physical Society
Additional Contact Details 
Overview of AMPD-related research

Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy of (Highly Charged) Ion Collisions on Magneto-Opticallly Trapped Na.

Capture processes involving several electrons are investigated by means of recoil spectroscopy. In this way detailed information on the few-electron dynamics including correlation effects will be obtained

Highly-Charged Ion-Induced Molecular Fragmetation

Fragmentation of small and large molecules, including fullerenes and bio-molecules is induced by highly charged ion impact and by high intensity laser-pulses. The charged fragments are detected and analyzed in a time-of-flight spectrometer. In this way radiation damage is studied on a molecular level.

The Al41Catraz Experiment: Ultra-Sensitive Isotope Trace Analysis of Calcium

We are using laser cooling and trapping methods to separate and detect, with extreme sensitivity, different calcium isotopes. The ultimate goal of the experiment is to determine the concentration of 41Ca in a natural sample of calcium. The relative abundance of 41Ca in such a sample is roughly 10-15. 41Ca could be very useful as a tracer in osteoporosis studies, and could possibly also be used to date calcium-containing material from the Pleistocene. The half-life of 41Ca is on the order of 105 years.

Ion-Surface Interactions to Study Surface Magnetism

When surface electron are captured by impinging ions, their spin is conserved. Spin ordering of these electrons should therefore be reflected in photon and Auger electron emission spectra. An analysis of these spectra can give information about spin ordering in the very topmost surface layer

Interactions between Comets and Solar Wind Ions

X-ray and Far-Ultraviolet (FUV) emission from comets are the direct result of the interaction of solar wind ions with the neutral coma of comets. We measure state selective cross sections of electron capture in several, relevant collision systems using a technique called Photon Emission Spectroscopy (PES). These cross sections are used to analyse existing FUV observations of comets.


Main active Research Groups & Contacts


 Prof.dr. J.T.Walraven
Prof.dr. G.V.Shlyapnikov
Quantum gases, cold atom physics
Dr. J.L. Herek
Time-resolved dynamics in condensed phase
Biomolecular control
 Prof.dr. H-G MullerMatter in intense radiation fields
 Dr. M.J.J. VrakkingXUV- and X-ray generation and physics
 Dr. S.WoutersenTime-resolved studies in the IR of biological molecules
 Prof.dr. L. KuipersNanoscale manipulation and investigation of light
AMSTERDAM (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
 Dr. T. GregorkiewiczSemiconductors microphotonics
 Dr. G.H. Wegdam
Dr. R.Sprik
Complex soft matter physics
 Prof.dr. H.B. van Linden van den Heuvell
Dr. R.J.C. Spreeuw
Dr. N.J. van Druten
Cold atoms, atom optics, quantum information
Quantum gases and atom chips
 Dr. L. Suttorp (theory)Quantum optics
 Prof.dr. C.A. de Lange
Prof.dr. M. Glasbeek
Laserspectroscopy of radicals, photo-electron spectroscopy and multiphoton processes, ultrashort laser pulses
AMSTERDAM (Vrije Universiteit)
 Prof.dr. W. Hogervorst
Prof.dr. W. Ubachs
Dr. W. Vassen
Dr. K.S.E. Eikema
XUV laser spectroscopy, spectroscopy of small molecules (of atmospheric interest), laser cooling, Bose-Einstein condensation, ultrafast lasers, X-ray generation, ultrastable frequencycombs, laser applications
 Prof.dr. D. Lenstra (theory)
Dr. T. Visser
Dr. K. Allaart
Nonlinear dynamics of diode lasers, semiconductor optical ampifiers, quantum optics of semiconductors, near field optics and coherence theory, singular optics
 Prof.dr. S. Stolte
Dr. M.H.M. Janssen
Dr. J. Bulthuis
Oriental and state-resolved molecular interactions, (ultrafast) molecular dynamics, molecular processes of atmospheric interest, phase conjugate feedback of diode lasers
 Dr. H. LinnartzHigh resolution spectroscopy of reactive intermediates in atmospheric and interstellar processes
DELFT (Technische Universiteit)
 Prof.dr.Ir. J.J.M. Braat
Dr. N. Bhattacharya
Dr. S.F. Pereira
Dr. P.C.M. Planken
THz generation, detection and applications, THz imaging, Quantum optics , Diffractive optics
EINDHOVEN (Technische Universiteit)
 Prof.dr. H.C.W. Beijerinck
Prof.dr. K.A.H. van Leeuwen
Dr. Ir. E.J.D. Vredenbregt
Cold collisions, Bose-Einstein condensation, bright atomic beams, laser cooling, quantum/atom optics, cavity QED, atom lithography, ferromagnetic nanostructures, laser cooling, reactive ion/plasma etching, surface chemistry
 Prof. dr. M.J. van der Wiel
Dr. J.I.M. Botman
Dr. Ir. O.J. Luiten
Dr. Ir. G.J.H. Brussaard
Compact (laser-driven) electron accelerators; generation of collective radiation (THz to XUV), including FEL physics; femtosecond-pulse physics
 Prof.dr. B.J. Verhaar (theory)Cold atom interactions, Bose-Einstein condensation, atomic clocks
ENSCHEDE (Universiteit Twente)
 Prof.dr. K.-J. Boller
Dr. P.J.M. Peters
Dr. F.A. van Goor
Dr. J.W.J. Verschuur
Dr. H. M. J. Bastiaens
Dr. M. E. Klein
Laserphysics and nonlinear optics, solid state lasers, excimer lasers, free electron lasers, optical parametric oscillators, laser wakefield acceleration, nonlinear pulse propagation in photonic crystals, frozen light, mid-IR molecular detection, high power diode lasers, laser material processing
 Prof.dr. N.F. van Hulst
Prof.dr. L. Kuipers
Dr. M.F. García-Parajó
Dr. H.L. Offerhaus
Nanoscale optics, single molecule physics, local optical fields, photonic crystal structures, molecular photonics, physics of macro (bio) molecular systems, lifetime fluctuations, near-field optics, scanning probe microscopy
 Prof.dr. A. Lagendijk
Prof.dr. W.L. Vos
Dr. A.P. Mosk
Complex media, dielectric composites, nano-optics, Anderson localization, photonic band gaps (local) density of states, spontaneous emission, random lasers, pulse propagation, switching, multiple scattering
GRONINGEN (Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut)
 Prof.dr. R. Morgenstern R. Hoekstra
Dr. T. Schlathölter
Highly charged ions, hollow atoms, charge-transfer induced photon and electron emission, molecular dissociation (C60), magneto optical trapping, surface magnetism
 Prof. K. Jungmann
Dr. L. Willmann
Dr. H. Wilschut
Production of short-lived ions and atoms, ion/atom trapping, fundamental interactions
GRONINGEN (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

Prof.dr. D.A. Wiersma
Dr. K. Duppen

Spectroscopy with fs optical pulses, non-Markovian dynamics
 Prof.dr. H.A.J. Meijer
Dr.Ir. E.R.Th. Kerstel
High-precision isotope ratio determination using optical spectroscopy and applications in bio-medicine, palaeoclimatology and atmosphere physics.
LEIDEN (Universiteit Leiden)
 Prof.dr. J.P. Woerdman
Dr. E.R. Eliel
Dr. M.P. van Exter
Prof. G.W. 't Hooft
Quantum fluctuations, quantum entanglement, plasman-assisted optics, wave chaos, unconventional optical resonators, optical singularities
 Prof.dr. G. Nienhuis (theory)Optical traps, light forces, quantum information
 Prof.dr. J. Schmidt
Prof.dr. E.J.J. Groenen
Prof.dr. S.L. Völker
Prof.dr. M. Orrit
Single-molecule physics, ESR & NMR techniques, C60, Spectral hole burning
 Prof.dr. C.W.J. Beenakker (theory)Mesoscopic physics, wave chaos, random media
 Prof.dr. G.J. KroesQuantum chemistry, Atmospheric physics
NIEUWEGEIN (FOM Instituut voor Plasmafysica RIJNHUIZEN)
 Prof.dr. G.J.M. MeijerManipulation of molecules, molecular and cluster physics
 Dr. A.F.G. van der Meer
Dr. G. Berden
Dr. B. Redlich
FEL physics
 Dr. G. von Helden
Dr. J. Oomens
Molecular and Cluster physics.
 Prof.dr. A.W. Kleyn
Dr. M. Bonn
Surface physics
NIJMEGEN (Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen)
 Prof.dr. D.H. Parker
Dr. F.J.M. Harren
Laser physics, molecular photodissociation, atmosheric processes, trace gas detection, medical and biological applications
 Prof.dr. Th. RasingNonlinear optics, time-resolved laser spectroscopy, light scattering, magnetic, polymeric and liquid crystalline materials, atom lithography A. van der Avoird (theory) P.E.S. Wormer G.C. Groenenboom
Molecular interactions and light-induced processes
 Prof.dr. J.J. ter Meulen
Dr. N. Dam
Laser diagnostics, combustion processes, diesel engines, gas flow dynamics, diamond deposition Molecular collision dynamics
 Prof.dr. W.J. van der Zande
Dr. W.L. Meerts
Atmospheric Photo Physics
Spectroscopy and cluster physics
 Prof.dr. G.J.M. MeijerManipulation of molecules, molecular and cluster physics
UTRECHT (Universiteit Utrecht)
 Prof.dr. H.G.M. Heideman
Prof.dr. P. van der Straten
Dr. W.B. Westerveld
Prof.dr. H. Rudolph (theory)
Laser manipulation of atoms, optical (cold) atoms, molecular (half) collisions
 Prof.dr.Ir. H.T.C. StoofDynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates, Quantum Effects in Degenerate Fermion and/or Boson gases

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