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Report from the AMPD

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Report from the Atomic and Molecular Physics Division (AMPD)

The AMPD organised the 7th European Conference of Atomic Physics (ECAMP VII) in Berlin in 2-6 April 2001. ECAMP VII was held in conjunction with the 2001 Spring meeting of the AMOP group (Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics, Quantum Optics, Mass Spectrometry and Short-Time Physics) and the Chemical and Polymer Physics section of the German Physical Society (DPG) and incorporated the Annual meeting of the European Group of Atomic Spectroscopy (EGAS). The attendance was therefore the largest of any ECAMP to date with over 1200 attendees and 1500 contributions. The organization of such a large scale event was considerable and the Division is deeply grateful to all of our German colleagues who ensured the success of the meeting.

ECAMP VIII will be held in Rennes, Brittany, France Tuesday 6 - Saturday 10 July 2004 and we hope for an equally good attendance as ECAMP is now established as one of the leading international Atomic and Molecular Physics meetings.

A new Board was elected during ECAMP VII with N J Mason (UK) assuming the Chair, Francoise Masnou (France) the Vice-chair with E A Hinds (UK) continuing as Treasurer. The Board is co-ordinating the symposium on ‘Quantum Gases’ at EPS12 and is arranging a special issue of Europhysics news (due end of 2002) reviewing the exciting recent developments in Atomic and Molecular physics. AMPD has sought to establish more formal contacts with other Divisions of the EPS (through nominated cross Board personnel) and is arranging direct contact with National Physical Societies. The Board also supports and assists the programme committee of other European meetings including the International Conference on Laser Probing to be held at Leuven, Flanders 7-12 July 2002 and HCI (Highly Charged Ions) to be held in Caen, France 1-6 September 2002. The AMPD Sections also have an active series of meetings which are reviewed below.


Report of the Chemical Physics Section

The Chairmanship of the Chemical Physics Section was transferred to the previous Vice-Chairman, Eleanor Campbell during the ECAMP VII conference in Berlin. The previous Chairman, Gerardo Delgado Barrio, is now a member of the EPS Council. The board has been unchanged for sometime and it is planned to co-opt two new members to the board in the near future. The existing members, who have been in office since 1995, should not be eligible for re-election at the next ECAMP conference in 2004 so that the new co-opted members will provide some continuity at this time.  The CPS was involved in the organisation of a workshop on Cluster Cooling Dynamics at the FOM institute for Plasmaphysics in Nieuwegein, Netherlands in August 2001. This was connected with the activities of an EU IHP Network and had ca. 30 participants. In addition, the section was involved with the "Charles Coulson Summer School on the Quantum Dynamics of Molecular Systems" held in Oxford in August 2001 and in the International Symposium on Electronic Structure and Chemical Reactivity held in honour of Prof. Juan Bertran at the Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona in September 2001.  For the coming year, the section is involved with the organisaton of a workshop and school in La Havana, Cuba in February. The main activities will, however, be connected with two international conferences that are traditionally closely associated with the Chemical Physics Section. The Section is closely involved in the organisation of the ISSPIC 11 conference (International Symposium on Small Particles and Inorganic Clusters) to be held in Strasbourg in September 2002. CPS board members are involved both as members of the local organising committee and on the international advisory board of this conference. A satellite workshop on Cluster Cooling Dynamics is being organised. The CPS also supplies an important contribution to the MOLEC series of conferences. One will be held in Istanbul in September 2002. A school should be organised to accompany this conference, as was the case at the previous MOLEC held in Jerusalem in 2000.


Report of the European Group of Atomic Spectroscopy (EGAS)

The highly successful and long established EGAS Conferences series was incorporated within the ECAMP VII held in Berlin 2-6 April 2001. The 34th EGAS Meeting is scheduled for Sofia, Bulgaria 9-12 July 2002 with K Blagoev as local chair. The meeting is supported by the EC High Level Scientific Conferences activity which provides support for young (<35) Scientists from the EU and Associated states. The Current Chair of EGAS is P Lambropoulos (Greece) with P Verdel (France) as Secretary.


Report of the Electron and Atomic Collisions Section (EPSEAC)

The section has an active conference programme having organised the 1st Low energy electron molecule interaction symposium (LEEMI 2001) in Going, Austria, March 5-7, 2001 and the 13th International Symposium on Atomic Surface Physics,SASP 2002, in Going,Austria February 17-22, 2002 which also  included the 1st Symposium on radiation action in bio-molecules, RADAB 2002, in Going, Austria, February 16-17,2002. Future meetings co-organised by the Board are the International Seminar on Molecular Interactions and Differential Scattering  March 18-21 2002,  St. Andreasberg (Harz), Germany; the 2nd LEEMI 2002 29 -31 August in Siedlce Poland and 2nd CEPAS in Gdansk September 2 -6.09.2002 as well as the 1st PTRMS symposium in Innsbruck, Austria in the spring of 2003.

At the Board meeting held at ECAMP in Berlin Tilmann Maerk (Austria) assumed the chair of the group from Nigel Mason who was elected Chair of AMPD, F Guet (France) was appointed EPSEAC Secretary.


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